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STM32F4 USART Bootloader

We have been building boards for years using the STM32F407ZET6. Our system uses a USART bootloader from a host processor running Android that uses stm32ld to do the bootloading. It has worked pretty much flawlessly for years. Recently we started rece...

HAL_UART_Transmit_DMA() only work one time

Posted on October 22, 2017 at 16:13I want to use  ' HAL_UART_Transmit_DMA(); ' to send data in DMA mode like this :    char str_Hello[]='Hello\n';    HAL_UART_Transmit_DMA(&huart1,(unsigned char *)str_Hello,strlen(str_Hello));    HAL_Delay(500);But ...

Resolved! IRQ Handlers with LL drivers

I generally prefer the STM Low Level drives and chose that driver family for most peripheral in CubeMX Project Manager->Advanced Settings->Driver Selector.  There seem to be one disadvantage: the IRQHandlers are not generated as weak which I think ha...

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