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Hello,I have developed a code in FreeRTOS mode that contains two main tasks. The first one check if I have received an RX buffer on the I2C bus, and the second one manage the data that has been received.However, after receiving the first buffer, I am...

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Mabou.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! I2C HAL_BUSY Debugging Help

Currently I am trying to interface with a LM75A temperature sensor using the STM32F446RE nucleo board.From the datasheet of the LM75A, I gathered that the sensor, returns a temperature measurement without any configuration.So I tried to simply hook u...

RMII Mode link problem

I'm using STM32F407 and Marvel 88E6390X switch in our project. But we have some I2C problems so we added I2C recovery function using TIMER8. The ethernet ports doesn't work stable after this addition . When we removed the I2C function in the projec...

gabay.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! How to support I2C burst write/read?

I wish to configure my STM32 MCU (STM32G071RB) as an I2C slave device, and support I2C burst-write and I2C burst-read, in a similar manner to many I2C slave devices:(usually the RA value is incremented after every DATA byte)The I2C receive/transmit f...

Yiftah by Associate II
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Resolved! I2C HAL lock state not properly updated

Hello,While I was tracking an issue on I2C bus, I found something that seems to be unconsistent in HAL file stm32l4_hal_i2c.c1 - routines I2C_WaitOn_____UntilTimeout() are called after locking the bus with __HAL_LOCK(hi2c) macro2- these routines upda...

Problem with I2C on STM32H7A3IIK6

Hi, i'm developing a project on STM32H7A3IIK6 [cortex M7] and i'm having a problem using the I2C peripheral with the ST HAL functions. I've initialized the peripheral and enabled the Event and Error Inpterrupt with TX and RX DMA and, sometimes, i hav...

Miglio by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32G041 boot mode selection

Hello All,We are using STM32G041F8P6 in our project. This IC will be programmed through I2C/USART and we will be using System Memory for booting(internal flash).As per the datasheet:At startup, the boot pin and boot selector option bit are used to se...

sagar_bn by Associate II
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