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Resolved! flash_erase error: can not erase certain flash pages without error, however it is possible while debugging and stepping into every function

Hello,I am currently writing a program that will delete the bootloader, which is stored in 24 flash pages (Bootloader begins at 0x08000000, the program itself begins at 0x800C000).Pages 1-11 & 13-23 can be easily erased. Now the problem is, the page ...

she-peek by Associate II
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Resolved! Custom Bootloader?

I am planning to do a Over the air update for a tool.And I'm planning to use a stm32l431cc ultra low power MCU with one flash bank.So here we have an application which is some 100kb.I'm confused with lot of terms.OpenBootloaderIn application programm...

Vmere.1 by Senior
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USB device and eeprom writing

I am using a STM32F4 on a custom board that is connected to PC software through USB (configured as custom HID device). I have this problem: when the PC send data to the board, the data has to be written in the eeprom memory (one byte at each transmis...

VCapu by Associate III
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The problem in semaphore or mutex usage

Hi,STM32f429IIIn my project , I have connected three number of peripherals in a single SPI line.1) Audio driver2) SD card3) EEPROMAlso I am using these functionalities in different task by using semaphore. In tasks, I had checked the SPI availability...