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Resolved! SFR view, wrong address of registers bit field?

I am working with STM32G474RET6U MCU and I would like to check the values of bit filed EXTSEL (ADCx->CFGR.EXTSEL) the problem is that according to SFR view this bit field starts on 6th bit of CFR register, but according to the reference manual it sho...

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GHrib.1 by Associate III
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STM32G474 FMAC for 3p3z controller

Hi all,I am trying to study the buck converter program provided by ST for the STM32G474 discovery kit. From previous study, I know that buck converter uses the 3p3z (3 poles 3 zeros) structure to calculate the current output, as shown in the figure b...

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OFN by Associate II
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Resolved! CUBE MX usbd_dec.c unique Serial Number

Hi,I am using STM32G491 for the project. For USB HID class the Cube MX generates usbd_dec.c file. In this file, there is a Get_SerialNum functionstatic void Get_SerialNum(void){  uint32_t deviceserial0, deviceserial1, deviceserial2;   deviceserial0 =...

Egemen by Associate II
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How to disable the USB cable detection?

Hello, I am using a STM32G473RC microcontroller and want to use usart3 to update the firmware.I also use the CAN-BUS on pin PA11 and PA12. These pins (PA11, PA12) are also USB pins (DP and DM).When I start the bootloader (BOOT = 1 + RESET), the "USB ...

GHese.1 by Associate II
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Where can I find example source code for AN5142 ? I try to find it in STM32Cube_FW_G4_V1.1.0 without success.

PAmsz.1 by Associate
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Add an Essential feature

Hello, Please add an empty function on HAL for other MCU's what doesn't have that functions.For example HAL_ICHACHE_Enable() for F1 series. This feature can help to easy porting to other series of MCUs.Thanks.

nimaltd by Associate III
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