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Resolved! STM32L0x1 svd

Hi,I have STM32L0x1 svd v1.3, and it seems the PWR_CR LPSDSR bit is missing.Is there a more recent svd file? I can't seem to find it.Thanks

X-Cube-Cellular low power

Hello all,I am working with the LBAD0ZZ1SE module, also used on the B-L462E-CELL1.I successfully adapted the "Nx_TCP_Echo_Client" Sample from X-Cube_cellular 7.1.0 to fit my needs but right now am stuck at the final step, which is the low power mode....

NHuhs_0-1698384186433.png NHuhs_0-1698384679556.png
NHuhs by Associate
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STM32f4 STOP mode with FreeRTOS problem

I am working on freeRTOS CMSIS V1 on a project. I am using STOP mode to reduce the power consumption (since the device I am making is battery driven). When entering the STOP mode, I noticed that freeRTOS task is still running at the background on a s...

TALHA by Associate II
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STM32F401CC CubeIDE + X-CUBE-AZRTOS generate call to non-existing Function HAL_PWREx_EnableOverDrive() in main.c when generating code

Hi all!I'm working with an STMF401CC chip, and all tools up to date as of today.Code generation calls above mentioned function in SystemClock_Config() in main.c.In stm32f4xxhal_pwr_ex.c this function clearly is not available for STM32F401 devices, bu...

WBreg.1 by Associate II
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