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BUG: HAL_TSC_GroupGetStatus gives wrong results

In STM32Cube_FW_L0_V1.11.2\Drivers\STM32L0xx_HAL_Driver the function TSC_GROUP_COMPLETED in Src\stm32l0xx_hal_tsc.c returns TSC_GROUP_ONGOING even if it should return TSC_GROUP_COMPLETED.This is due to #define __HAL_TSC_GET_GROUP_STATUS(__HANDLE__, _...

seren by Associate II
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Bug in TSC example project

There is a bug inSTM32Cube_FW_L0_V1.11.2\Projects\STM32L073Z-EVAL\Examples\TSC\TSC_BasicAcquisition_Interrupt\Src\stm32l0xx_hal_msp.c, line 116:it has to beTSCx_TS1_IO_GPIO_PORTinstead

seren by Associate II
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Touch Sensing example code not found

Hi, I was searching for example code for Touch Sensing for STM32L476RG but was unable to find it in the example package STMCubeL4. All I found was a library for touch sensing, but the link attached says that there is an example code for touch sensing...

Bug in STM32L0 TSC library

I would like to report a bug in HAL TSC library for the stm32L0 series of microcontrollers.The bug is in the stm32l0xx_hal_tsc.h header file in the  __HAL_TSC_GET_GROUP_STATUS macro.This is the current version of the macro (buggy version):#define __H...

JGrci by Associate
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STM32F072B-Discovery TSC Cube Project

I try to generate TSC project by using STM Cube,but I am not sure how to write this function: void HAL_TSC_ConvCpltCallback(TSC_HandleTypeDef* htsc).There is same function in "STM32Cube\Repository\STM32Cube_FW_F0_V1.9.0\Projects\STM32F072B-Discovery\...

New.Fish by Associate III
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