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Resolved! SPI_Receive to USB_Transmit via DMA on STM32H7

Dear all,I try to read out ADC-Data, that is streamed from an external adc (AD7768) out to the uC. What I want to do is to more or less directly stream out the data via USB CDC.Therefore, I planned to use the DMA between the SPI and USB. However, thi...

Bench by Associate III
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Resolved! FR_NO_FILESYSTEM error || SPI + FatFs + SD card

Hi guys, I'm hoping to find a wizard at FatFS who can help me. So my current set up is, stm32f446re microcontroller, with this micro SD card adapter, I have two SD cards at my disposal, a 2GB Sandisk card and a 16GB Samsung SDHC card. Both cards have...

CReze.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F429 RTOS and SD card

I have a application with STM32F429 with RTOS and SPI µSD .I have a singke task forr write in SD card and some time goes in HardFault_Handler ()It is possible thei is caused by stack overflow ?How can I check if the stack pointer goes in overflow ?Th...

IlConte by Associate III
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