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Resolved! STM32U5 File system with FreeRTOS

Hello,I'm using NucleoU575 with CubeMx and I want to make a file system on my SD card.I want to use FreeRtos but there are no Fatfs in CubeMx and the FileX cannot work with FreeRtos (image). Is there anyway i can use Fatfs with STM32U5 ?Thank you. 

M326.1 by Associate II
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exFAT support for FileX on STM32U5

I'm testing out using an SD card on the STM32U575I-EV. The example project I'm using is from the STM32CubeU5 MCU package (Projects\STM32U575I-EV\Applications\FileX\Fx_uSD_File_Edit).I'm able to insert an SDHC (32GB; FAT32 format) card, see the green ...

Resolved! STM32U5 SAI DMA

I'm trying to get SAI working with DMA on a NUCLEO-U575ZI-Q but have not been successful.I've tried using both standard request mode and linked-list mode, but the DMA configuration code is never generated.On an older STM32L4 project, the bottom of `H...

0693W00000aHt3cQAC.png 0693W00000aHt3hQAC.png

STM32U5A5 Semp put/get speed test

I have callback ISR code (from UART) where I put in Semaphore put and other code with Threadx static implementation with stack (SRAM2), Semaphore get, etc. I placed two GPIO signals to measure the timing between put and get. I set the compiler to opt...

Riscy by Senior
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