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Avoid Interrupt after HAL_COMP_Start(&hcomp1)

I set a breakpoint inside the function:void HAL_COMP_TriggerCallback(COMP_HandleTypeDef *hcomp)I got an interrupt event just after calling the function:HAL_COMP_Start(&hcomp1);I tried to pull-down/pull-up, I tried with all triggers modes but I ever ...

dhs by Associate III
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What's wrong with the compare in STM32F373?

I use MDK 5.32. In the debug interface - Peripherals - System Viewer - COMP window, the value of CSR is always 0 after initialization and the address of CSR is viewed as 0x40007C1C. But CSR's address is 0x4001001C in STM32F37xc.h. What's the mat...

yundm2 by Associate II
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Comparators vs DWT

Hi guys,i just wanted to mention that there is a ****** in the header files.I am using an STM32G474:Just an example - stm32g474xx.h defines#define COMP3 ((COMP_TypeDef *) COMP3_BASE)And core_cm4.h uses __IOM uint32_t COMP3; ...

Albi G. by Senior
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stm32f3xx__ll__comp.h bug

Hello,This line in the mentioned library is faulty.#define LL_COMP_OUTPUT_TIM3_IC1_COMP2 (COMP_CSR_COMPxOUTSEL_3 | COMP_CSR_COMPxOUTSEL_1 | COMP_CSR_COMPxOUTSEL_0) /*!< COMP output connected to TIM3 input capture 1 (specific to COMP instance: COMP...