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STM32F407 LWIP returning data to client

I previously posted here when I was having issues with my STM32F407 board that I have configured as a HTTP server. is a follow-up pos...

STM32H573i-DK: Poor TCP TX Performance, iperf

Hey, i have ported the iperf2 example( of the H563 board to the H573i-DK Board.It pretty much works as expected now, but the TX performan...

funkii by Associate III
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NetX secure TLS handshake time

hi all,I am trying to implement a TCP echo device on STM32U585 controller. here the TCP/IP communication is over ethernet as well as USB (CDC ECM). The communication channel is protected using TLS am using NetX stack as the TCP/IP sta...

sabari1_0-1709038638021.png sabari1_1-1709039079996.png
sabari1 by Associate II
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LAN8742A no clock output

HiI am using STM32H753VIT6 together with LAN8742A.I have some questions regarding the setup.1. My schematic for the LAN8742A is shown in the picture below. I plan to use the PHY to generate the clock. To my knowledge this requires a pulldown resistor...

tyassin by Associate III
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stm32h563 Azure Netx Multihome Support

Hello,I have created and executed a TCP server project with Azure NetX library using Ethernet. Additionally, I need multihome support in this project. I want multiple clients to connect to a device with a static IP. Can you assist me with this?Best r...

Eakyo.1 by Associate III
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