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Interfacing of stm32F446re with SD card

#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include "fatfs.h" #include "fatfs_sd.h" #include "main.h" FATFS fs; FIL fil; FATFS* pfs; DWORD fre_clust; uint32_t totalSpace, freeSpace; /* Private includes -------------------------------------------------...

Premaa by Associate
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f_lseek returning FR_INT_ERROR in stm FATFS

Hello, I am trying to interface the sdcard FAT32 based on SPI with STM32F429ZI MCU. I am using the FATFS library (R0.12c) provided in the stmcube ide. I am able to successfully initialize the sdcard using f_mount() function. I want to implement the b...

shefu by Associate II
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no FATFS in stm32u59 ?

Hello everyone,I'm currently working with a custom board that utilizes the STM32U599 microcontroller, and I'm attempting to establish communication with an SD card. The IDE I'm using presents the option of FileX alongside ThreadX; however, my applica...

Bootloading from SD card STM32F4

I'm facing difficulties bootloading or upgrading firmware on an STM32F405 MCU from an SD card.Could anyone recommend a library or resource for achieving this? I've already tried a few methods but haven't had any success. Any help would be greatly app...

STM32H723 SDMMC FIFO blocks while write data

I configured a FATFS project using STM32CUBEMX to write 248 bytes of data every 1ms, with a buffer accumulating up to 1024 bytes before writing to the SD card. However, I encountered significant blocking issues with f_write. To troubleshoot, I replac...

Blowind by Associate
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