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How to add FreeRTOS to BLE Serial Port Example?

I refer to the BLE Beacon FreeRTOS example and include the FreeRTOS file into the BLE Serial Port example, but the RAM exceeds 1808 Byte, so I modified FreeRTOSConfig.h and adjusted the constants related to SIZE, but it still failed.I would like to a...

J.C by Associate
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FreeRTOS implementation with X-Cube-BLE2

I'm trying to implement a BLE task in my FreeRTOS application with the X-Nucleo-BNRG2A1 shield. I completed the BLE application (X-Cube-BLE2 package) without FreeRTOS and it has been working fine. For implementing the FreeRTOS, I have been looking in...

RF switching on STM32L4XX

Posted on April 02, 2018 at 08:01Hi I want to communicate between two STM32L4 MCU, and interfaced RF on to UARTs.UART1 -- BLEUART2 -- XBEEI want to make a transparent, i mean when there is NO BLE there should be a switch to XBee and the other MCU ha...

USB bluetooth dongle

Posted on December 21, 2015 at 10:58Hi allNow, i have project use USB bluetooth dongle on base stm32f1This is usb bluetooth dongle, not bluetooth module I have search, but not found document or source which i can research thisPlease share to me docu...

ngtbinh by Associate II
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