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STM32H743 Flash bank swap leads to WWDG reset

Hello, I am trying to perform a flash bank swap from bank1 to bank2. Executing the following code: FLASH_OBProgramInitTypeDef OBInit;   /* Unlock tha User Flash area */ HAL_FLASH_Unlock();   HAL_FLASH_OB_Unlock();   /* Get the Dual boot configura...

Amihayl1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F767 watchdog example

I wonder if someone can provide me with an example how to use the watchdog in a STM32F767.I have tried the following code but it don't get a reset!static WWDG_HandleTypeDef hwwdg;static bool wwdg_inited = false;static void EnableWDG (void){ if ( ! ww...

EGonc.2 by Associate II
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overriding osDelay function

Hello,stm32F4FreeRTOSCube 1.4.2My code sometimes run pretty long osDelay. In fact "long" means "longer than watchdog"..I thought about cutting the delay in smaller delays and call a watchdog kick after each delay. Something like this:osStatus delay(u...

JulienD by Senior
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WWDG_IRQHandler Doesn't Seem To Be Reached

I started learning about it while playing with WWDG_Example from STM32446E_EVAL.I can enable WWDG and tie it to my EXTI button on my Discovery board.The board will reset when the button is pressed and __HAL_RCC_GET_FLAG(RCC_FLAG_WWDGRST) == RESET.Wha...