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Problem with "HAL_UARTEx_ReceiveToIdle_DMA"

Hi,I am using the HAL function "HAL_UARTEx_ReceiveToIdle_DMA" as follows:void HAL_UARTEx_ReceiveToIdle_DMA(UART_HandleTypeDef *huart, uint16_t Size) {//my actionsHAL_UARTEx_ReceiveToIdle_DMA(peripheral, buffer, COMMAND_MAXIMUM_LENGTH);__HAL_DMA_DISAB...

stm32h563 Azure Netx Multihome Support

Hello,I have created and executed a TCP server project with Azure NetX library using Ethernet. Additionally, I need multihome support in this project. I want multiple clients to connect to a device with a static IP. Can you assist me with this?Best r...

Eakyo.1 by Associate III
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STM32L4Q5AGIx Hyperbus PSRAM Issues

We are using a STM32L4Q5AGIx device with Hyperbus PSRAM IS66WVH8M8BLL chip on a custom board.  We are having a number of issues getting the RAM to work corectly on Port 2 and right now are isolating it to reading any of the 4 internal registers, ID0,...

BComp by Associate
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STM32L4 USB low power stop

Posted on May 20, 2016 at 16:47I am porting an existing design from an F107 to a L4 micro in the hopes that I can push sleep current below 50uA.Currently I have only one barrier to achieving this low power: the USB device peripheral. No matter What ...

kobus by Associate II
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Resolved! ADC DMA continous and FreeRTOS conflict

 Hello,I'm working on a NUCLEO-H743ZI2 Board.I am attempting to record ADC samples on an SD card using a FreeRTOS CMSIS-V1 program. Below are the configurations for my ADC and Timer6:ADC Configuration:Timer6 Configuration, I try to have around a 7500...

POSTstm1.png POSTstm2.png POSTstm3.png POSTstm4.png
jmF by Associate
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