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my st-link v2 app said File size is bigger than the flash memory size.

当我想进入程序时,应用程序说“文件大小大于等于大小。”我的文件是.hex 怎么解决这个问题呢?stm32f103c8t618:55:25:与设备断开连接。18:55:27 : ST-LINK SN 18:55:27 : V2J34S7 18:55:27 : 通过 SWD 连接。18:55:27:SWD 频率 = 4.0 MHz。18:55:27:连接模式:正常。18:55:27:启用低功耗模式下的调试。18:55:27:设备 ID:0x412 18:55:27:设备闪存大小:32KBytes 1...

ikun by Associate
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__NVIC_EnableIRQ Can not enable TIM2

I'm learning to port FreeRTOS to my STM32F407, but I'm running into problems with HAL initializing TIM2.After HAL_OK the program is supposed to enable TIM2IRQ via NVIC_EnableIRQ(), but the operation of writing to NVIC->ISER doesn't seem to work.NVIC-...

Jemegen by Associate II
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Resolved! Inefficient BSP LCD code

After poking around a bit more in the STM32CubeIDE code, I'm seeing a pattern of issues that indicate a serious lack of understanding on the part of the authors of the shipping BSP code. This code was written several years ago, but it is the shipping...

bitbank by Associate II
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UART RX interrupt

Hello,I'm trying trying to setup an interrupt receive on the U5 MCU using the STM32U5GJ-DK2 development kit. The USART1_IRQHandler does not get triggered at all. Here's my CubeMX config for the USART1:I've sniffed the RX line, so I'm sure it's workin...

Dobrev_0-1708518829438.png Dobrev_1-1708518864347.png
Dobrev by Associate II
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