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Add an Essential feature

Hello, Please add an empty function on HAL for other MCU's what doesn't have that functions.For example HAL_ICHACHE_Enable() for F1 series. This feature can help to easy porting to other series of MCUs.Thanks.

nimaltd by Associate III
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Integrating LittleFS in stm32L1XX project

Hello,Because there are negative side effects of using FatFS in my program to write logs to an SD Card, I am trying LittleFS library with an implementation of the HAL library.When I mount the filesystem &lfs I get a result of -84 which indicates that...

JBamb.1 by Associate
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how to enter the USB DFU mode in STM32L162VE?

Currently, I am using the STM32L162VE custom board. I want to enter the USB DFU mode but am not able to enter the mode. This chip supports the USB and USART pre-programmed bootloaders. I have referred to the application notes AN2606 and AN3156. I did...

0693W00000aIvUhQAK.png 0693W00000aIvVBQA0.png 0693W00000aIvVLQA0.png
VNasa.1 by Associate
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Bootloader doesn't work correctly (STM32L151) First program at 0x08033C00 , compiled with Mikroe, works correctly but I'm trying to add a STM32Cube bootloader so it can start it on one bank. It doesn't ... Thanks for help

/* USER CODE BEGIN Header */ /** ****************************************************************************** * @file : main.c * @brief : Main program body *****************************************************************...

JFELI.13 by Associate III
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STM32 bootloader not responding

I am using STM32L151C6U6A device, both UART ports are used as RS485 ports. I am trying to boot from system memory and talk to bootloader using a USB-RS485 converter from my PC. Access to Boot0 pin is not possible in my hardware. So I am jumping from ...

ARama.9 by Associate II
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STM32L151c8t6: Stopping and Starting ADC with DMA with HAL functions screws up channel order when using tickless Idle of FreeRtos.

I use ADC with DMA in cirular scan mode to convert two audio-channels triggered by a timer. This all works well with expected results and quality most of the time.For power-saving reasons I have to change the clock tree in runtime. This may screw up ...

stst9180 by Associate III
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I am just about to start a journey as embedded software developer, and I am trying to familiarize myself with a STM32L1 discovery kit - the initial feeling is one of bewilderment.

After I successfully attached the board to my laptop and ran the "Press a button to ...." tests my plan was to proceed to the source code of the demo application:To read through the source code to familiarize with it.To compile it on my laptopTo flas...

JHove.1 by Associate II
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