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hal_stm32 on Zephyr 3.2.0

Hi everyone. I'm currently working on a legacy project that only runs on Zephyr V3.2.0. I have to use the hal_stm32 to get some peripherals running ( The latest version of hal_stm32 is not compatible w...

Resolved! ETH on STM32H743 with Zephyr

Dear,I'm trying to use the ETH with Zephyr RTOS 3.5.99. It was built the samples/net/dhcpv4_client sample, however, I tried to build others examples from samples/net/socket, such as echo and echo_client, but was impossible.I would appreciate it if an...

STM32F3x Zephyr Project, DMA configuration

Hi,I am trying to use the async transfers with usarts, but it fails to enable the UART (using uart_rx_enable), due to no DMA configured for the usart.I have not been able to modify the device tree for DMA, but so far unsuccessful.On the dma2 node, I ...

sbend by Associate
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Resolved! STM32 F7: lock flash CR and avoid bus fault

Hi,On a STM32 F7, I would like to lock access to the FLASH_CR by writing a wrong key to the FLASH_KEYR register. Writing a wrong key results in a bus fault (disabling the bus fault raises it to a hard fault).Could someone help me with a way to write ...

LeeK by Associate II
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