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task is not running after hard reset in freertos

hi,I make bootloader to switch the code between two bank starting at address 0x08000000.and two application starting at 0x08020000 and 0x08100000 respectively, when I individual run the code it work fine, but when I hard reset the code, it goes to bo...

ykn by Senior
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ThreadX on STM32: RAM nearly filled up

I'm currently starting to use ThreadX / AzureRTOS on a STM32 Nucleo-H723ZG (STM32H723ZG MCU).I noticed that when loading the Nx_TCP_Echo_Server / Nx_TCP_Echo_Client projects from CubeMX, the RAM gets filled up pretty much to the top, which makes me w...

Shared RAM memory from boot to firmware

Hello everye one, i have a customized bootloader and firmware, i need pass som argument from the first one to the last one, in both project, at linker scripr file i have the following:MEMORY { RAM (xrw) : ORIGIN = 0x20000000, LENGTH = 12K ...

RComa.1 by Associate II
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