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Resolved! HRTIM?

Hi,Overall I liked the H5, lots of memory, lots of performance, 64-pin Ethernet, etc. I was only disappointed with the fact that it doesn't have HRTIM and only two AD converters. In addition to much more performance I expected analogue integration at...

AMend.7 by Associate III
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Resolved! Understanding HRTIM fault filter lengths

HiI am trying to implement a fault filter for the HRTIM on a stm32G474.I am using the LL libraries and the Reference manual.I find the table 234 in the reference manual completely unreadable and confusing. Could someone please explain how it is suppo...

marbel by Associate II
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Resolved! HRTIM update using LL is too slow

Hi Everyone,I am trying to run HRTIM Master unit with repetition interrupt and the repetition counter is 1. Now, when I am in interrupt I have to update compare and period registers and using LL to do so. But, within interrupt merely updating registe...

MYAQO.1 by Associate II
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STM32G474RE HRTIM CBC example

Hi All,I am looking at the HRTIM CBC example here: questions are centred around EE5 and EE8 external inputs.I have ...