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STM32F4 USART Bootloader

We have been building boards for years using the STM32F407ZET6. Our system uses a USART bootloader from a host processor running Android that uses stm32ld to do the bootloading. It has worked pretty much flawlessly for years. Recently we started rece...

STM32 does not reset after DFU by USB

Posted on November 17, 2017 at 20:27I have already read several posts about the subject. including 'DFU: LEAVE does not jump to application'.and 'Reset after firmware upgrade'Context : STM32F072RBusing either DfuSeCommand.exe or DfuSeDemoUsing the D...

Resolved! Default bootloader characteristics

I have a project that inadvertently appears to have what looks like the bootloader area.I'm using STM32CubeIDE and when I program the board from the IDE, it runs fine and all is ok. If I press the reset button then the board ceases to run.I've duplic...

NSR by Associate III
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MX_RTC_Init resets SSR register

The MX_RTC_Init function resets the SSR register of the RTC, so with every power cycle there is a average error of 0.5s! That can accumulate to quite a huge error pretty quickly, if the device is switched on and off several times a day.Is this intend...

A.D. by Associate III
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