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Update MCU firmware (RMII and external flash)

Hello,I own a Nucleo-H723 and I would like to know how to update the MCU firmware using the ethernet port to transfer data. I want to send the bin/hex file over TCP (LwIP) and store the file in a external flash (QSPI), as I am not sure that the MCU f...

inigo1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F7: small package, hi-speed ext. SRAM, please

Hello community,now that STM32F767 + lwIP / TCP is working well, I found that sometimes it takes too long for streaming that the other side gets the data (some other network traffic, or delayed ACKs, or whatever Windows does), and the STM32's interna...

LCE by Principal
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Which configurations do I have to consider if I want to use a STM32H750B-Disco example as e.g. "TIM_TimeBase" with another board that uses a different QSPI flash memory (program code on external qspi-flash)?

Here is my approach:1) I think I have to adjust the pin configuration in the "memory_msp.h" of the ExtMem_Boot project first2) Then I would have to include the correct QSPI driver in the "qspi.c" file.3) Provide the correct ".stldr" external loader f...

pk84 by Senior
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