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Resolved! STM32G0B1 USB device not recognized in Windows 10

Hello,I'm using STM32G0B1-Nucleo (with no USB user connector), and I am trying to program USB device (I tried virtual COM, HID and MSC separately).I'm using the STM32CubeMx with STM32CubeG0 FW V1.5.1 to generate the configuration with PA12 and PA11 f...

0693W00000NsGxsQAF.png 0693W00000NsGxxQAF.png
Houssem by Associate II
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Add an Essential feature

Hello, Please add an empty function on HAL for other MCU's what doesn't have that functions.For example HAL_ICHACHE_Enable() for F1 series. This feature can help to easy porting to other series of MCUs.Thanks.

nimaltd by Associate III
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STM32Cube_FW_G0_V1.4.0 bug ?

Hello,I work with STM32G070RBT. I upgrade FW to STM32Cube_FW_G0_V1.4.0.These definitions have disappeared from the file stm32g070xx.h: #define RCC_CFGR_SWS_HSI              (0UL)                                  /*!< HSI used as system clock */#defin...

Peko by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32G071RB RTC init bug.

Please, answer was anyone trying to use RTC with the G071RB microcontroller? I am powerless now. The code generated by cube does not initialize RTC. I checked the entire initialization procedure if it is consistent with the documentation. Everything ...

wuio by Associate II
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Resolved! How to support I2C burst write/read?

I wish to configure my STM32 MCU (STM32G071RB) as an I2C slave device, and support I2C burst-write and I2C burst-read, in a similar manner to many I2C slave devices:(usually the RA value is incremented after every DATA byte)The I2C receive/transmit f...

Yiftah by Associate II
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