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HAL (Hard Animal Layer)

I thought I was the only one wondering how to implement DMA, but it seems to be different. I found this post, and found it interesting how the topic was addressed:To be honest, this was not a post I was planning on at first. However, I was working on...

Resolved! AzureRTOS NetxDuo HTTP Server and FileX

Hi FolksI have few question about HTTP server  if someone here in the started playing with it.As i have plenty of flash on the MCU i opted to store a simple html page directly on the mcu flash memory (like done with mkfsdata.exe on LWIP).Streaming ou...

Resolved! FR_NO_FILESYSTEM error || SPI + FatFs + SD card

Hi guys, I'm hoping to find a wizard at FatFS who can help me. So my current set up is, stm32f446re microcontroller, with this micro SD card adapter, I have two SD cards at my disposal, a 2GB Sandisk card and a 16GB Samsung SDHC card. Both cards have...

CReze.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32 compiler and linker manuals

Hello,does it exist a compiler and a linker manual for STM32, where I can find, for example, a clear description of the usage of the __attribute__() keyword, or instructions to modify the linker script file?Thank you,Carlo

CTabo.1 by Senior
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Resolved! How fast is ADC able to work with USB?

Hello, I am trying to send ADC data (12 bit) to pc with USB as fast as possible. Now I am using STM32F405 and configured ADC like picture below. Those data of ADC is transfered to the pc by interrupt of DMA which is cirucular mode. And the data trans...

SShir.2 by Associate II
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