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processing audio in real time

In the next code I sample audio from the mic, play it to the headphones, then i process the data to get Mel-Spectrogram feature and then I feed the Mel feature into an AI model to recognize speech.when I enable the functions that calc the mel and the...

audi by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H723 software framework

I want to develop an inverter with STM32H723, but I have not used ST's MCU for power supply before, so I would like to ask if there are suitable examples for reference, or what suggestions are there in the software framework. Thank you!

buxiang by Associate
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The ADC seem to work when i run this code.Internal ADC like vref vbat and internal temperature seem to be working and I testes it with cold spay and checked the internal temperature.the ADC input pins seem to be stuck ate a level and not change or gi...

Certified RTOS for STM32

Hi,I have general question. What certified RTOS do you recommend for using in medical device running on STM32F/G/H that will be certified in accordance with IEC 62304 Class C?Best regards,KK

kk2 by Associate III
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Regarding USB Application

Hello Guys, I'm Currently working on a Project in handling USB. I got an Example GitHub code from our community for interfacing with the USB. But in that code, the while loop looks empty. I don't know how to implement Transmission and Receive the dat...

bsn_14 by Associate
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Hi all,I have a custom board, which previously used the ST32L052 processor, that I changed to STM32H5. Previously I could use the USB_Dev middleware to make it a VCOM Port and could send data without a problem to my PC. After the processor change I a...

gamelk by Associate
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Resolved! LWIP

Hi,how can I check if my client in connected to pc server?--------------------------/* init code for LWIP */MX_LWIP_Init();/* USER CODE BEGIN 5 */LOCK_TCPIP_CORE();tcp_setup();UNLOCK_TCPIP_CORE();---------------------------void tcp_setup(void){uint32...

Stefano1 by Associate
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Resolved! MX_USB_HOST_Init(); Issue on FreeRTOS CMSIS V1

Hi EveryoneI am starting to use FreeRTOS but faced an issue if there is someone to help. I configured USB_FS MSC. when I use MX_USB_HOST_Init(); the FreeRTOS stop and not working. but when I disable it, everything is fine.I have used the USB_FS MSC i...

AMIR-F-O by Associate II
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