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I2S in STMG030F6P6TR

So I am using STMG030F6P6TR to play raw audio stored in SPI flash using PT8211 DAC and LM4890S amplifier. I have stored 8 Bit unsigned mono RAW data in 8000HZ in spi flash, retrieved it and pushed the data into the DAC as follows:void playSong(uint16...

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Sh7va by Associate
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Can not detect USB Nucleo F411RE

Spoiler  My ST-Link was working perfectly at first. I could connect it to USB, upload code, and toggle the LED using a button. However, after upgrading the ST-Link firmware, my computer can't detect it via USB anymore. Any suggestions on how to fix t...

Nucleo-H755ZI-Q no longer programmable

This fault has appeared very abruptly.  One hour ago I was working with the board just fine, programming via STM32CubeIDE. Then I swapped the board to a different USB port on my laptop, now it is not programmable.When I hit the 'Run' button, it appea...

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TomC1 by Associate II
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