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Resolved! Ethernet configuration on STM32F746G-Disco

Hello, I have one STM32F746G-Disco, which works well with TouchGFX (v4.22.1) and STM32CUBEIDE (v1.13.2).However, when I enabled the ethernet and LwIP, then set the PHY to LAN8742 in the LwIP, the display does not work as below. If I did not set the P...

hbZhao_0-1697767679086.jpeg hbZhao_0-1697767720064.png
hbZhao by Associate III
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Cannot download STLink update tool

Hi,I'm trying to download the STLink update tool:, whenever I press the "Get latest" button I am requested to login, even though I am logged in currently. I reproduce...

MSonn.1 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32F042K6 USART not working

The STM32F042K6 has been giving me issues lately when it comes to using the UART module. USART1 is not working and USART2 only transmits. Has anyone encountered the same problem? I have attached a sample code I was using to test USART2 for both trans...

Hello, I have a NUCLEO F446RE and the STLINK-V3SET. What I want to do is programming the MCU through the bootloader using the CAN interface, but the target is not detected on STM32CubeProg.

My NUCLEO is powered by an external power supply of 5V on the E5V pin. The STLINK is detected on STM32CubeProg, but no board, no target voltage.. (Sometimes 0.01-0.03V)You could find below what I had already do for my installation.What did I do on th...

Zephyr S by Associate II
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Resolved! SWO only works at 16MHz with STLINK-V3PWR

SWV 16MHz, SYSCLK 16Mhz = logging worksSWV 16MHz, SYSCLK 25Mhz = logs gibberish (expected)SWV 25MHz, SYSCLK 25Mhz = logs nothing at allSWV 48MHz, SYSCLK 48Mhz = logs nothing at allWhy would this be?It works with HSI 16MHz, so my wiring and configurat...

NateS by Associate III
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