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Resolved! Issues with ST-Link serial number

I am assuming this is a Windows driver issue, but I do not know how to resolve it. I use several Nucleo boards. Additionally, I use some USB ST-Link programmers.These programmers always show up with a single letter serial number: A, B,C, D.Using Kei...


Resolved! H753ZI USART2 debugging

Hi,I want to debug the H753ZI through USART2 and connect to the PC through USB. I've done this a lot with other NUCLEO boards. Apparently this feature is not present on the H753ZI board?Is there another UART connected to the ST-link on this board? Or...

TVan .8 by Associate III
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STM32 Discovery and 5V logic

Hii hope im asking my issue in the right placeso i have developed a pcb board with 70 TLC5947 ic's in cascading sequence, however im having an issue with using my STM32 discovery board to turn on LED's. the Ic's are powered by 5V and when i use my ar...

VYada.3 by Associate II
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