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STLink-V2 Issue

I am having trouble communicating with a STM32F042K6T6 microcontroller (on a custom soldered board) via a ST-LINK V2. Whenever I try to connect I receive the error: “Cannot connect to target!�? The STLink V2 does register and I can see it in the soft...

JReas.1 by Associate
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Using STLink V2 with openocd sometimes persists HW breakpoints. Is there a quicker way to clear them other than disconnecting the STLink V2 for an extended period of time.

Every once in a while when remote debugging I wind up with not being able to set HW breakpoints. There's no clear indication of when this will happen, and I'm typically only setting a single break point. If I disconnect the USB to the STLink V2 fo...

BBick.1 by Associate II
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