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Connection and external components for SMPS

Associate III

Hi, I have some questions about the connection and its external components for the SMPS step-down converter of the MCU.

The microcontroller I'm using is a STM32H745IIT6. On the datasheet I found this schematic and these indications for the components:

_legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000biDqfQAE.pngQuestion 1: The ESR is indicated for capacitors, but I can't find this information in the datasheets of any ceramic capacitors, is it because the ESR of ceramics cap is so low that it is not even indicated? How can I tell if the capacitors I have chosen are good?

I was thinking of using these: 885012208094 for 4.7uF and 885012214001 for 10uF.

Question 2: The DC resistance is indicated for the inductor, but is this a maximum value or must it be that resistance?

Just to understand, between these two inductances: 74479276222C and 74479288222, which one is better?

Question 3: regarding the capacitors on VCAP and VDDLDO, I still follow the pattern I see a few pages before the datasheet? This:


To conclude this is the circuit I was thinking of doing, could it work well?