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Short circuit on STM32H750

Hello!It's been a while since I'm working with STM32H7 MCUs and now, some of the products using it are returning from my customers, not working at all. Analyzing the board, I get a short circuit between 3V3 and GND and after removing the MCU, the sho...

Pedro3 by Senior
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MB1440 circuit diagram

Hi All,Does anyone have the circuit diagram (schematic) for this board?Basically (and I have posted about this before, without any conclusion) I have several boards which work perfectly (sw download and SWD debug) via the big 20-way CN2, but are unre...

PHolt.1 by Senior III
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I'm using an ST-Link/V2-ISOL and installed the drivers (stsw-link009_v2.0.2) and ST-Link utility but I keep getting the "Target, detection failed" error in the Utility. Same result in the STM32 Cube Programmer. How can I fix this issue?

I am using 64-bit Windows 10 with the latest updates. When I plug the ST-Link into my computer it is detected in device manager as STM32 STLink so there is not trouble with detecting the device.

mdbayaa by Associate II
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Resolved! Substituted STM32H730VB for STM32H750VB on PCB due to chip shortage. 750 does not enter bootloader due to pin PB15. Is there a fix for it?

We were using STM32H730VB to drive a LED display in our project. Pins 51 - 64 drive the LED display, Pin 30 controls the display power, and pins 24 - 25 act as the USART. We use CubeProgrammer to download the firmware.This worked well and with no is...

g.roy619 by Associate II
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