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St-link v2 upgrade to 3.11.3 seems to cause a "target no device found" problem. I was wondering if this is due to me using el cheapo generic stm32f401cdu6 boards? Is there chip counterfeiting happening, and has ST started testing for counterfeit chips?

This problem exists with both a nucleo 446re programmer as well as multiple generic stlink v2 programmers. These programmers will all update successfully from the stm32cubeide. I have tried different debugger settings. This "target no device found" ...

SJone.4 by Associate
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Do not connect the PC to the ST-LINK (CN7) when R30 is soldered. The PC may be damaged or the board may not be powered correctly.

In the data sheet of STM32L4, it cautions me that "Do not connect the PC to the ST-LINK(CN7) when R30 is soldered. The PC may be damaged or the board may not be powered correctly.". But I found that R30 has benn soldered when i got it. What should i ...

lzhij.2 by Associate II
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STM32F103 stuck at boot0

I have a system based on STM32F103 microchip. It has a PCB boot0 pin which is used only when flashing new firmware. During the daily usage of the system, the PCB boot0 is not connected to anything. I have always connected to 1.5 Volts input in order ...

ACher.10 by Associate II
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