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Half duplex SPI master on custom port for STM32WB5MMG : porting existing spi emul lib ?


Hi all !

Does anyone know if it's possible to port SPI Emulator to the STM32WB5MMG family ? (or have an example of a possible implementation from scratch ?)

I would like to implement a simple slow half-duplex master SPI protocol using custom ports.

Did give a quick try to adapt the existing library for STM32F but for the moment the compilator mainly complains about this portion of the code (tried to create stm32wbxx_hal_def similarly to what's existing for STM32F series because it doesn't exist in hal library but spi emul needs it)

#define __HAL_LINKDMA(__HANDLE__, __PPP_DMA_FIELD__, __DMA_HANDLE__)        \

 do{                           \

  (__HANDLE__)->__PPP_DMA_FIELD__ = &(__DMA_HANDLE__); \

  (__DMA_HANDLE__).Parent = (__HANDLE__);       \

 } while(0)

with error "request for member "hdma" in something not a structure or union."

And this is where I'm starting to believe