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SPI2 working issues with STM32WB55RG

Hi Team,By using STM32WB55RG , SPI1 is connected to LCD and is working fine and SPI2 is connected to external flash memory, It is not working.Note- Same flash memory is working on SPI1.Kindly let us know any configurations needed to work on SPI2 on t...

SS_135 by Associate II
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Hello everyone,We are planning to use ST products in our new BLE-supported projects. But I am not sure which product is suitable for this.As I see, there are some BLE chips connectable with SPI and there are SoC ICs like STM32W.I am not sure which is...

Reading 1 byte only in SPI half duplex

Hi everyone,I'm using a P-NUCLEO-WB55 for an SPI application with a CMT2219A (HF receiver) which works in Half duplex.I try to read its configuration registers by sending the address with the R/W bit set, then reading the bus by clocking during a byt...

0693W00000NqsGdQAJ.png 0693W00000NqsFuQAJ.png
Tøm by Associate II
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BMM150 causing problems with the BLE communication

Hi, my name is Jorge.I'm currently working with an STM32WB5MMG, which has Bluetooth LE 5.2 connectivity. In the current version of the project, it's working with two Bosch sensors. The BMI088 with accelerometer and gyroscope, and the BMM150 with a ma...

jorgazam by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32CubeMX generate "feature not supported" instead ...

The STM32CubeMX generate:```#define LCD_SPI_Send_DMA(rd, ln)           BSP_ERROR_FEATURE_NOT_SUPPORTED```instead if I modify the generated DISPLAY/Target/lcd_conf.h with`#define LCD_SPI_Send_DMA BSP_SPI1_Send_DMA`seems work correctly.I am using:Nucle...

NRoss by Associate II
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