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Problem with code genration from STM Motor Control WB



I am trying to use STM32 Motor Control Workbench(which I downloaded from the material of Motor control part 5 package) to control a BLDC motor with FOC. The motor I have is a custom one, the control board and power board are going to be custom one, but for now, I want to use STM32F401-RE NUCLEO BOARD as a control board for testing and evaluation.

After setting all the motor parameters, the shunt resistor values and all the conditions and startup ramps and so on, I want to generate code to see what I am going to upload on the microcontroller, and here I have my first problem. When I click on generate, as you see below, I can choose as firmware package version the reccomended one(1.22.0), the one that I have installed (1.28.0) or the latest one



Whichever version I choose, there is the reqest to setup an internet connection, even for the one on my PC


If I click on yes, then I'm stuck on this other window, with this error if I click on check connection


If I decide for a NO, then this window appears, asking me for another FW version with respect to the one I select. If I click on continue, ignoring the warning , I have several fatal errors higlighted, then the compiling phase starts, and ends with the yellow text compiled with errors



And after closing the tab of generation code, onto STM32 motor control WB it appears the red writing, saying

Generation Failed


Now, if I go looking inside the folder in which I save the project I see that in fact the generation has produced some files .c and .h, but I don't know if they are correct. The same for the .ioc, that I can open on CUbeMX.

However, due to those errors, I am not sure that what I open is correct.

Can someone help me figuring out this whole thing?

Is it a matter of versions of the programs?

Thank you






ST Employee

Hello @Frank19,

Welcome to the ST Community! Firstly, could you please have a look at this post to ease a response.

Which MC Workbench version are you using?
For the Tool/FW version to be use with your WB version, please have a look to the release note documentation available through WorkBench Tool>Documentation>"Release Note". Tools and FW version are listed in "STM32Cube Environment" chapters.

If you agree with the answer, please accept it by clicking on 'Accept as solution'.
Best regards.