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STM32WB15 / 55 soil moisture sensor

Hi,I plan to design and build a soil moisture sensor for our plants at home, based on the STM32WB55 (I need ZigBee / Thread). But I want to build up a prototype by using my STM32WB15 nucleo board and some of these cheap Arduino Soul Moisture PCBs wit...

Kampi by Associate III
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Testing RTC_SSRU

I'm looking to create a test case to verify that the handling of the interrupt generated by RTC SSRU is working correctly.In the LoRaWAN code base, the SSR time is set up such that the underflow will happen after about 48.5 days.There doesn't seem to...

CE declaration of conformity for P-NUCLEO-WB55

Hello, I'm looking for the declaration of conformity document for the P-NUCLEO-WB55 pack [MCU STM32WB55RG (Nucleo68) and MCU STM32WB55CG (USB Dongle)]The document I need should reference the RF standards that the product is in compliance with.I check...

AMohe.1 by Associate II
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