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Resolved! stm32wb55xx.h file missing

Hi,I'm using STM32CubeIDE 1.4.0 to build an application (BLE Hid) for the P-Nucleo-WB55 board. It's looking for an include file stm32wb55xx.h which is missing. Any idea where to find this file?Thanks,Jim

JTomp.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! DevNonce is too small

Hello,I'm using the Nucleo-WL55CJ kit to test the Lora connectivity with TTN server.At first, all worked fine and I received my data, but now the kit is unable to join the networt with the following error "DevNonce is too small".Any idea?Thanks.

laesser by Associate
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Stm32wle5 sensor reset issue

I have generated code with Lorawan. I am reading data from HTU31D sensor, the sensor pushes the same data (first stored data) in lorawan. Thank you

Nani96 by Associate II
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LED pulse train quad decoder (STM32WB55)

Before I recommend the STM32WB55 for our project, I'd like to know if what we want to do is even possible. Our application requires ultra-low power and so I'd like to limit the use of the micro where ever I can. We have a Gray code encoder that we ne...

paulcdca by Associate
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Firmware update OTA : STM32WL and NlueNRG-2

Hello,I am using the STM32WL55 with the BLUENRG-2N.i need to add the Firmware update OTA capability using the Bluetooth (BLUENRG-2N)the examples of FUOTA for STM32WL are based on LoraWAN protocol ... so it is not what i looking for.Do you have any ex...

malarab by Senior
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How to use Temperature Measurement Cluster with ZigBee?

Hi,how can I use the Temperature Measurement Cluster with Zigbee? I have configured STM32 CubeMX with an endpoint and the cluster, but "zcl.temp.meas.h" doesn´t contain functions for handling the cluster. Only "ZbZclTempMeasClientAlloc" and "ZbZclTem...

Kampi by Associate III
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Resolved! Which pins can I use as ADC in B-L072Z-LRWAN1 board?

Hi everyone!I need to have several pins acting as ADCs to get data from different analog sensors connected at the same time. In board's datasheet I see that this board has 1 ADC with multiple channels (12 channels to be precise).The problem is that C...

pbdiazam by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32WB tBleStatus values

Hi,This is my architecture:1 board client.5 board servers.In the client i have:A routine that try to connect, pair and update MTU size of all the servers.A routine that send and receive message from the paired servers.Right now i have some problem be...

LSpad.1 by Associate III
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