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Migrate from SPBTLE-RF to the STM32WB1MMCH6

Looking to migrate our design from the SPBTLE-RF to the STM32WB1MMCH6.  Our application is running on a separate MCU communicating with the module using the HCI & ACI doing BLE communications.   Has anyone done this migration, or know if the modules ...

STM32WB55 Thread

Dear support team, I was trying to build a thread device with a nucleo-wb55rg board. I did the following steps:- Implement Full chip erase- Upgrade firmware STM32Cube_FW_WB_V1.17.3\Projects\STM32WB_Copro_Wireless_Binaries\STM32WB5x\stm32wb5x_Thread_F...

Resolved! LoRa --- stm32wle5

I would like to do peer - peer stuff and experiment with LoRa.....Question: Do I use the LoRaWan stack when I am doing peer - peer, or is that strictly used when I want to communicate to a gateway?Is there literature that explains all the settings i...

SWenn.1 by Senior III
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Nucleo WB55RG BLE Mesh

I'm starting using BLE Mesh on Nucleo wb55rg, I've seen the STM32CubeWB Package and in it there are tools for getting started with a BLE mesh Network. Following the steps in this wiki I get a small error.I'm uploading code for Friend NodeI'm uploadin...

Resolved! How to use LoRa E22 900T22D Module with STM32

Hi everyone, I have a project to send a struct to receiver Lora from transmitter Lora. I have searched almost all sources to use Lora with STM32CubeIDE while using a library or not, but I couldn't send a data anyway. Can someone help me about this pr...

Strager by Associate II
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Resolved! Using Spreading factor 12 on NUCLEO-WL55JC1 LoRa boards

I have 2 NUCLEO-WL55JC1 boards I am using to communicate using LoRa.  The Tx board sends a message every 10 seconds, the Rx board receives the message and lights up an LED..I have this working at SF7, the same spreading factor as the ping-pong exampl...

JMala.3 by Associate III
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Need 2-layer reference design for 433MHz LoRa

Hello, the reference design STDES-WL5U2SBB (MB1791) specifies a frequency range between 470-530 MHz. I plan to run LoRa on 433MHz with 10 dBm. I do not wish to use a 4-layer PCB in my product design. This seems to be the only version that has 2-layer...