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X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX 4.23.2 is out!

TouchGFX 4.23.2 is now out.Please follow this link to download it.4.23.2 Release details:Release date: March 14th, 2024Bugfixes in TouchGFX Designer:Fixed a bug where TouchGFX Designer would not close properlyBugfixes in TouchGFX Core:Fixed issue wer...

LouisB by ST Employee
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TouchGFX documentation feedback

We wish to always improve our documentation. The best reviews and critics always come from the people that read it, so we would like to use this post to collect your thoughts and feedbacks. Please share what you like, dislike, what you think is missi...

Share your Custom Widgets!

When creating a UI project, you may need widgets that are not part of the TouchGFX library. To create your own graphical element, the TouchGFX team suggests using the Custom Container approach. Since TouchGFX 4.20 it is possible to export and import ...

Resolved! Clearing Dynamic Graph Data

Hello, I'm having issues trying to clear the data set from a dynamic graph in Touch GFX. Unfortunately none of the data points nor graph line are being cleared from the graph.The graph is set to scroll as more data is added. When a "user session" is ...

Resolved! Avoid Custom Code Deletion In TouchGFX

I'm am having trouble figuring out a good flow for using Designer and CUBE IDE to design a GUI. I am mostly using Designer (4.22) to draw graphics but can't seem to retain custom code when Designer generates code. For example, I am using the F769I-DI...

sergiog by Associate
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Resolved! TouchGFX装完能打开,创建工程时,基本上到88%左右就卡住,然后就自己退出了,是什么原因?


sipower by Associate II
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DMA2D and LTDC double buffering

Hi everybody,I'm developing a simple gui on an STM32F429 microcontroller with the use of the STemWin grapich library. Everything is working well till I'm using just one framebuffer; now I would like to use double buffering to optimize the interface a...

andrea.l by Associate
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Resolved! code not executing

sir we are generated code through touchgfx(stm32f508-dk) , the display part working good as per our requirement ,but when add led toggle code in while condition in that code ,its not working , before while condition we added led on and off for 10 sec...

kishor by Associate II
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Busy indicator implementation

Hi All,I'm trying to implement a busy indicator.I have a set of 24 images generated as frames from .gif file.I used couple of techniques.First one being texture mapper to rotate a single .png  and the smoothness of the busy indicator rotation is not ...

KNara.2 by Associate III
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