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Resolved! Gaps when playing audio file with DAC

I'm trying to play a sound file with raw PCM data using the DAC:uint8_t buffer[16384]; // 4-aligned uint8_t *bufptr[2] = {buffer, buffer + sizeof(buffer) / 2}; int curr_buffer = 0; volatile int audio_dma_half_complete = 0;   f_read(fh, buffer, sizeo...


HAL SAI transfer I2S on STM32F469I-Disco

Hi, how do i send data to the CS43L22 codec on the board? In the audio example, it sends 16bit uint values with the eval_audio_play, but on the HAL_SAI_transmit functions i can only send 8bit values. I cannot find a solution, i configured the DAC and...

Deividas by Associate II
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Hi, ​I would like to have some help understanding what the measurements that i can get from the SoundMesauRments library provided in cube actually are. What does the calculated dB's actually relate to? What is 0dB in the scale?My setup is a mems mic...

Audio Player Demo (STM32L4R9I-DISCO)

I would like to implement audio in my project with the STM32L4R9I-DISCO kit. I tried first checking out the demo that comes with the discovery kit, but the touchgfx demo doesn't seem to accept wav or mp3 files. Is there a specific audio format that i...

Du1 by Senior
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