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DFSDM data parameter problem into .wav file

Hi! I have followed the tutorial on Youtube.•STM32L4 training: 07.3 Advanced peripherals - Hands-on DFSDM(L476) Now I have data in playbuff, and I use uart to collect data by COM port. However, I want to inquire some parameter in this DFSDM result, s...

YLinH.1 by Associate
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USB PD: Vendor_Defined_Extended Message

Hi Community!We're working with an STM32G0B1xx MCU and using USB PD v5.0.0 library from github ( see here that USBPD_EXT_VDM = 0x1E is defined properly. However, when I use this with USBPD_D...

DDesr.1 by Associate II
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USB PD: Sending Battery_Status Data Message

Hi ST USB PD community. I'm using but can't seem to find the right callbacks to respond to our port-partner when they send a Get_Battery_Status command.I need the ST MCU to respond with the Battery_St...

DDesr.1 by Associate II
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USBPD need for USBX communication

Hello, I'm using the Evaluation board B-U585I-IOT02A for the STM32U585, and I'm playing around with the USB communication using the example "Ux_Device_HID_CDC_ACM". However, I'm not sure to fully understand the use of the middleware USBPD, which in m...

fs.clar by Associate
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Resolved! USB-C PD 3.1 support, when will it come?

Hi ST, we are looking for solutions to supply > 100W over the new USB-C PD 3.1 spec, but due to the (very) short time since the release it seems that no one has updated its specs yet.So I would like to know how and when is ST going to officially supp...