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MCSDK 6.3.0 is out!

Dear MCSDK users, MCSDK version 6.3 is now available: Download It here. Here are the main changes for this version: Motor Control Features: FOCAdded C0 single shunt topology support.6StepThis algorithm has been enhanced on MCSDK version 6.3 release ...

GMA by ST Employee
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Board Manager documentation is out !

The documentation of the Board descriptions format is now available on Motor Control Boards Description Wiki page, this documentation is compatible with MCSDK versions from 6.1.2. Board Descriptions are used by the ST motor-control workbench to enabl...

Zied b. by ST Employee
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MCSDK documentation and your feedback

Motor Control Wiki: STM32 Motor Control Knowledge Database - stm32mcuMC Frequently asked questions (FAQ):Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - stm32mcu   The documentation of the Board descriptions format is now available on the Motor Control Wiki:   Wi...

Zied b. by ST Employee
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Ia, Ib current distortions at high amplitudes

Hi, I am using NUCLEO-F401RE development board with X-NUCLEO-IHM07M1 (MCSDK v6.2.1) to run FOC algorithm to control SM-PMSM low inductance motor with 1 pole pair. While tuning it I found out strange thing about Ia, Ib currents. First I saw it when I ...

Ia_2.0A.png Ia_2.3.A.png Ia_lim.png
andsp by Associate
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Motor profiler and NUCLEO-G474RE (IHM16M1)

I plan to start using the MC SDK, and I was ready to get a Nucleo-G474RE with a IHM16M1.But when looking at the motor profiler utility, I noticed that the combination is not supported. There is support for the IHM16M1 and the STM32G474 processor in t...

ACarr.4 by Associate
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Workbench connection failed

Hi all. Today our custom design board just arrive and we begin to test. Our custom board controllinng via STM32F103RBT6 product and programmed through the Stlink programmer using Stlink Utility software. We have a problem about connection using COM p...

qqwq.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! About x-cube-mcsdk ver.6.2.1 and nucleo-h745zi

I set up x-cube-mcsdk least ver.6.2.1 workbench with a combination of nucleo-h745zi(motor control board) and x-nucleo-ihm08m1(motor inverter board).The pin configuration is the default setting.Where should I connect x-nucleo-ihm08 to nucleo-h745zi?

RIG by Associate III
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about the charge boot capacitor time and duty

hi,    I set the charge boot capacitor time with 100ms and the duty with 50%. the picture is below, and I captured the waveform by the scope. low side (green,16V from drive circuit),high side (red, 3.3V from MCU). the low side boot time is 125us. why...

截屏2024-04-02 12.52.36.jpg 截屏2024-04-02 12.54.56.jpg


Our project uses an external ADC reference voltage of 3.03V.This value is properly set up inside the json I use to generate the inital project code ("amplifyingNetworkVm": 3.03, "polarizationOffset": 1.515).Now I found in the generated code that insi...

DMeie.2 by Senior
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Where does G431 TIM1 ITR1 acturlly from?

Hello everyone! I use a BLDC with hall sensors drivered by ST's B-G431B-ESC1 inverter board, and demo code generated by MC Workbench. Use ST Motor pilot V1.2.5 - MC_FOC_SDK have a test, BLDC is runing and everything is ok. In the demo code, TIM4 use ...

xiepan_1-1715054384150.png xiepan_2-1715054420279.png
xiepan by Associate
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b-g431b-esc1 Overcurrent at the start

I have a custom motor controlled with the b-g431b-esc1 that I have been able to run in position control mode without overcurrent protection. As soon as I activate overcurrent protection the motor goes in the fault state when I click the "start" of th...

giova_ by Associate II
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Hello,I would try to use  the IHM14A1 shield  and  for now i only have a nucleo F2 series . it seemed in the document that this nucleo is not supported , can somebody tell me if it can't works  or maybe with some modifications on the example code. th...