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Resolved! Ethernetif.c in STM32f4 cube FW_F4 V1.28

Hello,I've read several forum posts commenting on the STM32 HAL management of LWIP, particularly ethernetif.c and trying to understand the interrupt driven zero copy examples. For reference in my application I do not use RTOS.After updating cube, and...

###### by Senior
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Resolved! How do I enable ltdc_aclk? STM32H745XIH6

I'm configuring the LTDC and I'm not sure where/how I enable the ltdc_aclk. I've enabled ltdc_plck in RCC->APB3ENR and I've configured PLL3R for the kernel/pixel clock but I cannot for the life of me find any info on how/where to enable ltdc_aclk so ...

clocks.png clocks2.png
aj992 by Associate
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stm32g484 bootloader communication problems

Hello everybody.I have problems with uarts in the my bootloader. In the main program the communication works OK.The client card is stm32g484 based.The first problem:After HAL_NVIC_SystemReset()from main app enter to bootloader and HAL_UART_Transmit()...

RHert.1 by Associate II
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