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Not able to change DMA2 Memory Address

Dear Experts,I need your assistance. I am attempting to change the memory address of DMA2 during runtime. I am streaming ADC data through UART. The ADC operates at 10MSPS using Timer1, and the tim1_up event triggers DMA2 Stream5 in circular mode. My ...

YashJ by Associate III
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ZeroMQ implementation for STM32 series MCU

Hello ST Community,    I am researching the possibility of using ZeroMQ on a STM32 MCU device.  Currently, we are targetting the STM32H5 series of processor, using Azure RTOS/NetxDuo.  From the looks of it, ZeroMQ is a socketed implementation, so it ...

aw_von by Associate
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Resolved! Azure RTOS / MDK-Arm - Linking errors

I'm trying to build the example project "Tx_Thread_Creation" for the NUCLEO-F429ZI. During the build process with the MDK-ARM (uVision) V5.28.0.0 toolchain I got the following linker errors:linking... Tx_Thread_Creation\Tx_Thread_Creation.axf: Error:...

MLade.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32U5 File system with FreeRTOS

Hello,I'm using NucleoU575 with CubeMx and I want to make a file system on my SD card.I want to use FreeRtos but there are no Fatfs in CubeMx and the FileX cannot work with FreeRtos (image). Is there anyway i can use Fatfs with STM32U5 ?Thank you. 

M326.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! not able to flash STM32G0B1RCT6 MCU via UART

Hello,We have switched from STM32g071 128kb flash to stm32g0b1rct6 with 256kb flash.We are able to flash the application binary from ST-LINK in STM32 cubeprogrammer. but, not via UART protocol.We are using the default STM32 system bootloader. We have...

kumar_b by Associate
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Resolved! DMA/STM32F103: memory to USART2 TX.

Hi all, I am successfully transferring from a memory location to the data register of USART2 Tx using DMA operation. And the USART2 has been used by the  printf()  to output to the PC. What I don't understand is, what moderates the rate at which DMA ...

LarryC by Associate
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