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Resolved! I just want to program my mcu (STM32F103C6T6A) via usb port which is connected to mcu's usb pins. I don't want to use jtag or swd. What should i do for boot0/1 pins?

I read AN2606 but i couldn't understand exactly. My understood is that if i connect boot0 pin to ground, main flash memory is gonna be selected. My question is if i do it(connecting boot0 pin to ground), will i lose the ability which enable me to pro...

EKaya.11 by Associate II
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STM32f401RC USB mass storage host issue?

I am using an stm32f401rc microcontroller, peripheral USB mass storage host is not detected, I am generating code as per the USB MSC HOST labs document.MX_USB_HOST_Process(); switch(Appli_state) { case APPLICATION_IDLE: break; case APPLICATION_START:...

Nredd.1 by Associate III
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problem in LL SPI example code

I have been testing Examples_LL code (SPI_TwoBoards_FullDuplex_DMA_Master_Init ) in STM32Cube_FW_G4_V1.4.0 package.Here is my problem:I modified the original code such that I only need one board./* Enable the SPI1 peripheral */ Activate_SPI();   ...

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HDaji.1 by Senior
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