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STM32H7 SPI low level driver

I am trying to run the SPI peripheral on STM32H757 using low level drivers but no luck at all. The STM32cube H7 package contains example for controllers which has no FiFO, . Thus the examples cant be directly use. Also i have cherry picked quite alot...

JTari.1 by Associate II
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STM32H743 Ethernert AIS Interrupt

Hey together,I have a question regarding the STM32H7 ethernet interrupts. I have lwIP + freeRTOS running successfully on the device. All fixes which were indicated by @alister​ were applied and it runs quite stable. The strange part is that when I ap...

0693W00000VOMlzQAH.png 0693W00000VOMmEQAX.png
ESawa.1 by Associate III
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Using USB HS with DMA in STM32F7

Hi,I am currently writing an application for a STM23F769i-DISCO that uses the USB peripheral as a device starting from a project generated with touchGFXDesigner.All seems to work when I am not enabling the DMA for the USB, but when I enable the DMA I...

JVALL.1 by Associate III
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lwip tcp server problem solution please

I made this sauce to implement lwip tcp serverIf you try to remove the st-link wire and do it without debugging, the server itself doesn't workI try to find a way, but I don't know where the problem isIf the LED on the board blinks, it means it's dow...

ark2 by Associate III
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Hello,I use a Nucleo-STM32G0B1 (512KB Flash).I would like to flash same data in fast mode, but the HAL_FLASH_Program() function ending with error. The HAL_FLASH_GetError() = 0x2A0 (PGSERR and PGAERR).Before writing I erase some flash pages.If I clean...

JTred.2 by Associate II
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udp_client_on_stm32 board

hii , i really need some help i have the stm32h753 nuclio board and i am trying to run udp client on the board and my pc will be UDP_SERVER , i am using udp_echoclient_connect() and  udp_echoclient_send()  functions, that are inside the files that ...

abeba.1 by Associate II
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