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cannot connect to nucleo-h563zi

It was working fine yesterday, today I cannot connect to the board. It is enumerated/identified but stm32cubeprogrammer connect fails. I tried different modes without luck. Now I am also trying with external debugger (jlink) (board powered by USB cha...

mete by Senior
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abouts ST-link V2 VAPP

I would like to ask about the VAPP specifications.Until now, the connection was made via JTAG as shown below.There was no problem in writing.VAPPTMS_SWDIOTCK_SWCLKNRSTGNDCan I replace VAPP with VDD (pin 19) and feed power from ST-LINK?If I do, should...

miwa by Associate
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Reading GPIO in stop 1 mode

As per datasheet of stm32u5 series during the Stop 1 mode DMA and peripherals are accessible. When tried to access the GPIO read. Controller during debug mode reading the GPIO, but in the run mode the GPIO is not getting read. How to read GPIO pin in...



                AREA mycode, CODEEXPORT __mainmyclock EQU 0x40023830myDmode EQU 0x40020000myDout EQU 0x40020014myPU_PD EQU     0x4002080CmyPC13I EQU     0x40020810ENTRY__main PROCNOP;------------------------------Port C Clock EnableLDR R1,=myclockLDR...

CCV by Associate II
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Designing with STM32L496QGI6

Hello Team,We are planning to use the MCU STM32L496QGI6 for one of our products.The HSE we are using is ECS-480-10-37B2-RWN-TR (48MHz crystal) and the value of the load capacitor is 20pF.The board works well with HSI, but when we switched to HSE, eve...

shibin by Associate II
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STM32H setting security bit fails

I am trying to set the SECURITY bit on a STM32H7B3ZITX using STM32CubeProgrammer (v2.10.0). But it fails, see attached screenshot. I also tried setting the bit using the firmware. This does not produce any errors, but the bit is still not set. Follow...

Bart_ by Associate II
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Search for a ST dev. board

Hello,There are 3 lines of hardware development tools (quite a lot of products):Nucleo boardsSTM32 discovery kitsSTM32 eval boardsFor prototyping of my HW concept I want to use one of ST boards (essentially uC) to control my custom stuff.The ST board...

Pavel_47 by Associate II
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