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Problem with STM32G030F6P6

Hi all.I am having trouble programming an STM32G030F6P6 IC.I get multiple errors. The controller is being used in standalone mode with no external components. The Errors I'm getting are mentioned:Target no device foundError halting the deviceSTM32_co...

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SRauf by Associate II
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Can't get UART Loopback to work

Context:Coming from an arduino background, I wanted to further develop my MCU skills and also learn how to read datasheets and reference manuals more efficiently, so I got a NUCLEO-F767ZI board and my idea for a first "project" was to loopback UART ...

HPont.2 by Associate
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Help with OpenOCD and STM32L082

I'm using JetBrains CLion as a development environment, with OpenOCD and GDB as the flash/debug toolchain.I have a custom board with STM32L082CZ, similar to the B-LR072-LRWAN1 board.I have previously been using STM32CubeIDE and its integrated flash/d...

dmeehan by Associate
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