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How to use LC display with NUCLEO-F410RB board



I would like to ask for some advice regarding a liquid crystal module that I would like to use with my ST Nucleo-F410RB prototyping board. The display type is BC1202A. It can display 12 characters in two lines and it has an 8-bit (or 4-bit) bidirectional control bus. I'm a beginner in STM32 microcontrollers and I have never interfaced any LC displays, so I wanted to ask if there's some tutorials or example codes that I could use to get started. 


BC1202A LC displayBC1202A LC display

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

Here you can get help with this. Also, try Google or your favorite search engine.


These and the 16x2 displays are prolific, perhaps dig with Google a little

Personally I prefer the SSD130x OLED displays..

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