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Resolved! Using Timer Global Interrupt crashes board

I have an Arduino Giga (STM32H7). I'm trying to generate an interrupt on the Catch/Compare even of TIM5_CH3. TIM5 is set to one pulse mode and triggered as a slave to TIM1, they generate some PWMs; everything is working absolutely fine there. Also, I...

Pepijn by Associate II
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ILI9806 init DPI mode

Trying to make KD043WVFPA084-01-C015B LCD to work - custom board 32H735 chip. Display is from Startek that probably went under. Web page disappeared and no one answers emails. Display uses ILI9896E chip and as per data sheet it is setup for DPI mode ...

AS1956 by Associate II
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Resolved! stm32h725vgt6 not able to Program

My updates schematic in this pin number 11 is now connected to gnd not to VDD This My schematic for your reference This is the error in cube MX. previously I had similar issue that time it was because of power supply.I don't know what the mistake in ...

Sakthi_Murugesan_0-1714451112678.png Sakthi_Murugesan_0-1713868456670.png

Need some Help

I ordered a stm32h755zi nucleo board from stm estore but my concern is after ordering $1 was charged and my card was a debit visa card. since my order is confirmed then when will the rest of the money I have to pay i need a bit help about that if the...

Asraful by Associate III
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