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STM32F072 USB Connection

Associate II

Hello everyone!

I have a problem regarding my STM32F072 MCU board that I designed: I cannot connect the board with a terminal properly. Let me explain:

1. I've managed the program the board using ST-LINK V2 (Chinese version) and SWD pins.

2. When I connect the board with USB to my laptop, it sees it as "USB Serial Device (COM6)", and in the events tab it says "Device install requested"

3. I've configured inside CubeMX as CDC (Virtual Com port), I've also done the manual USB CDC Line coding.

4. I've searched for drivers, but I found that for windows 10 (what I am currently running), I don't need further drivers in order to detect the USB...

5. PuTTY won't open my terminal, with the error "device is not functioning" and TeraTerm opens a terminal, but I cannot see my messages from the code.


Does anyone have any idea what I should try next?

ST Employee

Hello @AlexB99 ,

Check your PCB Design and make sure the USB D+ and D- are properly connected.

Maybe these posts helped you:

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